Invest with us

Invest with us (IPA)

Invest with us (IPA)

Creating wealth through property for our investors!



Are you interested in getting a higher return on your money by investing in property?

Interest rates are at the lowest point in over 300 years at 0.1%,  savings are rarely beating inflation. Money in the bank is worth less today than previous years.

IPA can help you to achieve a better return on your money, by helping you make your money work harder for you to generate a passive income.

Why invest with us?

  • Receive a regular income to replace or supplement your salary from property investments
  • Unlock greater potential for capital growth and long-term savings by investing in bricks and mortar

We offer our investors a simple, safe and secure way of investing your capital which will achieve viable return on investment.

Did you know that only £85,000 of your money is secured by the FCA in bank accounts, whereas when you invest with us your funds are secured against the asset or through a company structure, in other words your funds are as Safe as Houses!

We don’t charge our investors any fees, our aim is to help you to make the most of your hard-earned money using the funds to purchase property and add value.

We have two options on how to work with us however these can be structured in many ways, you can find out more by contacting us to see which is the best option for you and receive our Investor Pack.

Straight Loan

The investor will lend the funds to Invest in Property Assets Ltd (IPA) who then sources a property which they can add value to and add to their own portfolio.

This suits investors who would like to receive a return on their funds together with a fixed interest rate which would be considerably higher than what the current bank rate.

Security with be in the form of a Loan Agreement and charge against the asset.

Joint Venture

Invest in Property Assets Ltd (IPA) & the investor work together to see what each party can bring to the table.

We will discuss the various structures available and agree the best way to proceed, but a typical structure could be a 50/50 split on the profits.

As per FCA regulations, please self-certify yourself within one of the two relevant categories below as this will determine which of the options above you can work with us on.

IPA understands it is a huge decision to part with your funds, so we make sure your as secure as possible and reward you accordingly.

Click “read more” under the appropriate category below.

High Networth


Sophisticated Investor


I have an annual income of more than £100,000 or savings of more than £250,000 and I understand my capital is at risk if I were to proceed.

I have previous experience of similar investments or alternative investments and I understand my capital is at risk if I were to proceed.



Complete our investor questionnaire to identify your financial objectives, resources, and timescales. 


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