Solicitors / Legal Services

Solicitors / Legal Services

Solicitors / Legal Services

At Invest in Property Assets, our sales progression team work closely with several leading legal service providers to make sure your purchase process is as efficient and effective as possible. 

In the UK we have one of the most transparent legal systems in the world. English Law is one of the oldest and most respected & renowned legal systems in the world. It’s important to make sure things like the property title, government registrations and deeds are checked properly by an independent solicitor who knows is familiar with off-plan sales and the local culture.

Conveyancing process summary

Once you have completed your purchase A draft contract will be received and reviewed by your solicitor. If there are any enquiries or amendments they will be directed towards the seller’s solicitor.

  • Your solicitor will then manage all the legal aspects such as searches, surveys
  • An exchange and completion date will be agreed between all parties.
  • Post completion, any outstanding matters will be addressed by your solicitor. These will include:
    • Land Registry documentation
    • Payment of Stamp Duty
    • Copies of the title deeds

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a specialist advisor, please contact us.

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