What is Property Sourcing?

When you look at the traditional route of purchasing a property, its normally what is on offer through an estate agent or liaising with vendors, attend numerous viewings and typically purchase at the asking price or just below the asking price. This can be both tedious and repetitive, especially if offers keep getting declined.

However, with property sourcing this is a more specialised service whereby Invest in Property Assets (IPA) source both on & off market properties that are in need of refurbishment to see where we can add value and negotiate a reasonable below market value discount or favourable strategy for both the vendor and investor.

IPA offer our investors property sourcing & packaging – assisting them in the growth of their property portfolios by offering them a variety of single buy to let’s, land, commercial, or even development portfolio opportunities.

What is Land Sourcing?

IPA has trained with a developer of 35 year’s experience on how to source and appraise development opportunities.

Our experienced team of land agents and chartered planners has unparalleled knowledge of the entire land acquisition, planning and development processes for a wide variety of urban and rural projects.

We work with developers and investors to source land and commercial opportunities across the UK both with and without planning permission with sites ranging from several units up to 100+.

IPA specialises in sourcing land opportunities for residential housing development, procuring land and build packages for registered providers and housing developers in Yorkshire and the Northwest. The IPA team are able to guide land owners, developers, and housing associations through the often complex planning process and advise on delivering planning permissions to add a more valuable ROI.

We aim to provide a development appraisal on each of the sites we procure and provide a detailed due diligence report consisting of market selling data and local build costs. 

Time is a Precious Commodity

Due to busy work schedules and lifestyles the majority of our clients simply cannot dedicate the time required to conduct thorough property searches themselves or are based outside the area so employ the services of a sourcing agent. This is why IPA also offer a more bespoke sourcing service tailored to match your property investment criteria giving you access to a wider range of property.

We also work closely alongside a small number of private investors at any one time on a one-to-one basis who don’t have the time to be hands on in their property journey or live outside the location of the property. Please see our Invest with us section.

With our bespoke service the investor can decide to invest in either low-entry properties generating high yields or for more expensive properties offering a combination of healthy yields and the potential for good capital growth.

Our investors can have peace of mind knowing that our team will provide you with; everything from sourcing and viewing to negotiating and securing the deal through to refurbishing and refinancing the property to try and get all your funds back out of the deal or leave as little in as possible so you can reinvest.

We believe that each person’s situation is unique, so no matter if you are in the initial stages of considering property as an investment or if you are an experienced investor, it is important for us to get to know you better so that we can provide you with a bespoke service.

If we understand what you are looking for, we are in a better position to help you achieve your financial goals and save you time by recommending the most suitable property. We offer a free consultation, depending on location this could either be a face-to-face meeting or telephone call, or we can also arrange a Skype / Zoom / Google hang out call to discuss your requirements.

Complete our investor questionnaire to identify your financial objectives, resources and timescales.