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What Is Stamp Duty & When Do You Have To Pay?

Buying a home unfortunately means coming face to face with stamp duty, one of Britain’s most hated taxes. Having paid out for a deposit, professional fees, estate agent fees and moving costs, this tax charge is an unwelcome payment.

How To Buy A Property

Buying a home – whether it’s your first or your fifteenth – is commonly ranked as one of life’s most stressful events. This year, mortgage chaos and an uncertain outlook for the housing market have added further complications.

Ground Rent Reform Set For Chop

Plans to set ground rents at a ‘peppercorn rate’ are reported to have been dropped amid opposition from freehold campaigners and pension funds. The ambitious overhaul of England’s leasehold system looks set to hit the buffers after Treasury officials quietly axed part of the reforms, The Times reports.